CVS and Target Deals from 9/21


photo 1 (2)

I was looking forward to this deal at CVS for a week! Luckily, when I got to the store after work, there was plenty left on the shelves. Here is the breakdown of my transactions:

Transaction 1:

3 Huggies Diapers- $8.99 each
1 Huggies Wipes- $2.99
used (3) $3/1 diaper coupons from
used (1) $.50/1 wipe coupon from the same site
paid with $20 gift card redeemed from Valued Opinions
Paid $1.54 OOP and received $10 ECB

Transaction 2:

3 Huggies Diapers- $8.99 each
1 Huggies Wipes- $2.99
used (3) $3/1 diaper coupons from
used (1) $.50/1 wipe coupon from the same site
used $10 ECB from last week’s cat food deal
used $10 ECB from transaction 1
paid $.48 OOP and received a $10 ECB

Total OOP was $2.02 and I received $10 back! Wooo!!

photo 2 (2)

I was just walking around Target this evening with a few coupons that were expiring. Here is the breakdown. Not pictured are 2 shelves that I didn’t feel like hauling up the stairs from my car to include in the picture.

2 shelves- $14.98 from $49.99

Naked Juice-$2.50
used $1/1 coupon from Target Back To School booklet (coupon expires today)
used $1/1 coupon from
Paid $.50

Physician’s Formula- $9.11 (on clearance from $12.99)
redeeming $6 in Ibotta making it $3.11

Up&Up Staples- $.41 each
used $.75/2 Up&Up School or Office Supplies Target coupon
Paid $.06 or $.03 each

PaperMate InkJoy pens- $1.70
used $1/1 coupon from 8/17 SS
Paid $.70

Up&Up Colored Pencils- $4.18 on clearance
used $1/$3 Up&Up coupon from Target Back To School Booklet (coupon expired today)
Paid $3.18 (originally $13.99)

Up&Up Trash Bags- 55count……here is the story with these…..

I had 5 extra $1/$3 Up&Up purchase coupons I wanted to see if I could use since they expire today. I was walking down the aisles and came across the trash bags. I was looking for something at least $3 and I saw a sign for $3.14! SCORE! I grabbed 5 boxes and headed to check out. When she rang up the first box, it rang up $9.79. I told her I saw a sign back there for $3 something so she called a manager over to call someone from that department to verify. When they called back up, they told her there was a sign for $2.69!!! WHAT! So she said “we have to give them to you” so she had the cashier ring each one up for $2.69 plus they took my $1/$3 coupon so I grabbed each box for $1.69 (one was $2.79 because she forgot when she started the second transaction and put them in as $2.79, I won’t complain about the $.10) The manager told the person in that department what price I saw, and they reported back an even lower number so I was pretty excited! Trash bags are not something I enjoy buying so cheap is great!

CVS: Iams Cat & Dog Food- $2.31/3.2lb bag



Woohoo! I can’t pass up a deal on cat food! This week, the Iams cat and dog food 3.2lb bags are on sale for $5.99 from $8.99. When you buy $30 worth, you get a $10 ECB. Here is the break down. I went to 3 different stores because each store only had 2 bags on the shelf.

5 Iams 3.2lb cat food- $5.99 each
Used 5 $2/1 coupons from here (I printed from 3 different devices, 2 prints per device)
Paid $21.55 OOP
Received $10 ECB

This breaks down to $11.55 for all 5 bags or just $2.31 per bag!

Thanks, ikillu4coupons

New Trent iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Keyboard Review




I received this Trentium Ultra-Thin Rugged iPhone 5 case for $1 in exchange for a review. Phone cases are not cheap and if they are, they’re usually garbage. I was pleasantly surprised when this package came in the mail. Here is my review in pictures:

photo 1

According to the box, this case is shock resistant, durable, water resistant and has switchable covers.

photo 2

The covers come in gold, silver and black. I prefer the black, but I checked out the other colors for fun.

photo 3 photo 2


photo 1

As you can see in this picture, the buttons and all “outlets” are covered, which I think I like because of water and dust.

photo 4

I had a little trouble getting one of the colors on, but with a lot of pushing, I finally was able to snap it on. 

photo 3 photo 1

This case comes in 2 parts. One is the screen protector and inner shell and the outside is a softer shell.

photo 2

I’m not sure how I feel about this non-removable plastic button cover, It’s a bit stretched because I thought I would be able to remove it but it doesn’t look like I can. Might drive me nuts.

 Overall, I am very pleased with this phone case and I’m actually excited to keep it on! I know my screen will be protected from scratches thanks to the plastic and the rest of it is protected as well. 



Along with the iPhone case, I also received this Airbender Mini Rugged iPad Mini keyboard case + built in screen protector. I also paid $1 for this in exchange for a review. I LOVE this! I am very excited about this and here is my review in pictures.

photo 3

There was instruction which were VERY simple and step by step. This keyboard is connected through bluetooth.

photo 5 photo 4


The plastic screen protector will keep scratches away from the screen! 

photo 3

Sorry for the couple sideways and upside pictures, I am too lazy to rotate them, but this circle is what holds the iPad to the keyboard. All it takes is a simple squeeze of the two buttons and it pops the iPad on and off, VERY simple! 

photo 2 photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

It does have a cord for charging. It had to charge for several hours (as stated in the directions) before the iPad would even recognize it as connectable.

photo 5

The “arm” allows the iPad to be adjusted into many different positions!

photo 1 photo 2

The “arm” lengthens for a better sitting position of the iPad when it is horizontally. 

photo 5

The instructions were telling me I had to charge the keyboard for at least 4 hours before connecting. I was wondering how I was supposed to charge it when I didn’t see a cord. I looked in the box again and GEE….maybe the cord is inside this box?? :p

photo 4


Like the iPhone case, I am very happy with this product. I did have some difficulty getting the case off and open so I could put the iPad inside, but after thinking about it, it’s probably a good thing. Less chance of anything happen to the iPad if the case is on their tightly. 

These only cost me $1 each, but for the retail cost, I would say they are worth the value! Also, when you check the Amazon reviews of each of these products, they’re great!

Trying To Find A Balance and a Freebie!


As most of you know, if you’ve been following me in the 4 years I’ve been blogging, I am having a very difficult time trying to find a balance between school, work and my sad excuse of a non-existent social life (honestly, I prefer it that way, less drama). Blogging has taken a back seat. I have been couponing weekly, but failing to share my deals. I apologize. I post my deals on Instagram, which I should be sharing on here too! Again, it’s that balance thing. It’s easier to post a quick picture on Instagram than it is to send, save, upload and type. Here are a few updates as well as a freebie deal!

My sister got married this summer:


photo 5


I have received a few products to review! I just received them within the past few days so I have to get those tested and written up, which you’ll see posted on the blog. Another reason to get back into blogging!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3


I received a Keurig 2.0 from Influenster. 

photo 4


I paid $1 for each of these cases and I have to review these. From New Trent.



I received a can of the new Mandarin Burst Skintimate shave gel from Crowdtap.

And now for the freebie!

Remember in April how Earth’s Best had a $1/1 coupon in the Wegman’s Nature’s Marketplace magazine? Well, it’s back in the September issue!! Grab some free or nearly free baby food :)



On my travels home from a trip down the East Coast, I grabbed a paper from each state I traveled through. The different values were amazing and so exciting to see!



Here’s a quick look at my stockpile as I was organizing it!



This deal is still happening- coupon expires 11/30, so you have until then to do this deal:



Dollar General in the DG $1 Deals aisle-

Buy 2 Hefty 15ct bags- $2 ($1 each)
use $1.50/2 coupon from the 8/10 RP
Pay $.50 or $.25 each!



I was able to get all of these for $17.16 which is $.66 each! These do NOT expire and will be helpful in the classroom one day :)

For the month of August, I made sure to keep up with Crowdtap so I could start getting gift cards again and sure enough, I won $15 in Amazon credit and $10 at Walmart! $25 in free gift cards? I shall not complain ;)



If you’re interested in checking out my life beyond couponing and deals, check out my other blog.

Toys R Us Clearance Blast


Did everyone take advantage of the Toys/Babies R Us clearance blast?! I sure did!! I shopped when the prices were 75%-80% then again when it was 90% and finished off yesterday at 95%! The sale ends TODAY! Take a look at some of the awesome deals I was able to score….I have 2 transactions I have yet to take a picture of, but I’ll add those later:




Not everything I purchased was able to fit in the top picture but look at that savings!!! Also, look how long that receipt is!

For this next deal, close your eyes! I was WAY too excited about it! This was at Babies R Us and the box was sitting among the other clearance boxes but this one didn’t have a sticker. I dragged it over to the scanner, thinking I would be disappointed but take a look at this….


I almost peed my pants when I saw that! I had my pregnant friend with me and she had mentioned earlier that she wanted the Peg Perego brand stroller and she sure lucked out!!


The puppet theater was originally $99.99 but I was able to get get it for $5! The smaller receipt is my refund. One of the items had an orange sticker for $15.90 and when I scanned the original barcode, it was $1.40. I forgot to tell the cashier because I was still unloading my cart but he refunded the money. What a huge difference!!

Now I will go unload my car and take pictures of yesterday’s purchases. :)

What did you end up getting?!

Does anyone even remember me?!


photo 3


HI!!!! It’s been over 2 months! I’m slowly….like REALLY slowly doing some couponing. I have passed up so many great deals because I am simply too tired and have no energy to gather, sort, organize, print, clip, etc. BUT this week was an exception.

For those that don’t know, I started a personal blog (that really has nothing to do with couponing. I just wanted a different place to express myself. It’s my life/thrift store blog LOL Call me crazy. (

Anyways, here is the breakdown to my first transaction where I spend $16.81

L’Oreal Sunscreen- $5.58 each on clearance
used $3/1 coupon from 6/29 RP
used $2/1 Target coupon from 6/15 RP
Paid $.58 each

Post-Its- $1.02 each
used $1/1 Target coupon from here

Scotch Tape- $1.02 each
used $1/1 Target coupon from here

Phone Case- $5.98 on clearance

Glade candle and wax melt- $2.54 each on clearance
used $1/2 Target coupon from here
used (2) $1/1 coupons from here
use 5% Target cartwheel (I forgot to use this on both transactions)
Pay $1.88 and get back $1.50 from Ibotta

Bic highlighters- $1 each
used $1/2 Target coupon from here
$.50 each

Paper Mate Pens- $.96 each
used $1/2 Target coupon from here
$.46 each

Bic Mechanical Pencils- $1.17 each
used $1/2 Target coupon from here
$.67 each

Wet Ones- $1.99 each
use $1/2 coupon from here
use (2) $.50/1 Target coupons from here
Pay $1.98 and get $1 back in Ibotta

photo 2 photo 1


Here is my second transaction of the day. I used 2 $10 gift cards, which made my out of pocket much lower:

photo 4

See repeated transactions above.

I price matched the 96 count crayons to the price on the app.

On my Target app on my phone, I searched Crayola. Then I made the price go from low to high. Pressed the second picture which has no price, but is the 96 count crayons. I then scrolled all the way to the bottom, pressed the button to very last link in blue on the bottom that brings you the the non-mobile Target site. This will bring your the the Target site where these were $1.24!!!! Tell me that’s not crazy?! The cashier looked everything over and she thought it was a great deal too.

Crayola Twistables- $2.50 each
use $2/$10 Crayola Target coupon from here
use (4) $1.50/1 coupons from here (will need 2 computers/devices-printed from iPad, but not phone)
pay $2 or $.50 each!

Axe was on clearance for $1.98 and I didn’t have the $1 coupon with me so I’ll bring my coupons tomorrow with my receipt and get my $2 back!

One Right Guard rang up for $3.38 while the others rang up $3.99. I used the $5/$15 personal care Target coupon from here (after buying the 3 Right Guard and 2 Axe)

1 Glade warmer- $1.37
1 Glade refill- $4.15
used (2) $1/1 coupons from here
used $1/2 Target coupon from here
use 5% Target Cartwheel (I forgot to use this)
Pay $2.52 (this price does not include carthweel) and get $2 back from Ibotta

photo 5

Wegmans: FREE Plum Organics Mighty Snacks for kids





Plum Organics Mighty pouch- $1.39
use $.75/1 coupon from here (use zip 02151 MA)

Not sure how to change the zip code? See below:

Step 1. At the very top of, click to sign in or sign up


Step 2. You will see your name like above. Hover over the arrow and click “your profile”. You will see My Profile, Account Info and My Address.


Step 3. Change the state and zip code to match and save.

Step 4. Click “Coupons” at the very top of the page

Step 5. You may choose to search for this coupon page by page, category (baby & toddler) or brands (Plum Organics)


Print and enjoy!

Rite Aid: Clearance Finds



Scotch Pop Up tape dispenser- $.94 from $3.79
Scotch Pop Up tape refills- $.74 from $2.99
Scotch Expressions tape- $.92 from $2.69

Spend $25 on 3M products get a $10 +UP

photo (1)


Rolaids 12oz liquid- on clearance $3.99
use $3/1 coupon from here
Pay $.99


There was a TON of clearance around the store. Be sure to take a look around!