April, Updates and a Belated Blog Birthday




It’s April already!??! Where has the time gone!!! I have completely neglected the blog for several reasons:

1. I didn’t do any coupon shopping for months. Literally. I just caught up with my coupons this week and have done about 3 shopping trips in the past 2 weeks. I’m slowly getting back into it! (It’s the weather…I get lazy in the winter!)

2. SCHOOL…..Working my butt off to be successful. I’d say I’ve done well so far. (I’m currently taking 2 classes that are not reflected in these grades)


3. WORK. In February, I worked 26 of the 28 days. Wrote a 10 page paper on one of my two days off, so I really only got to enjoy 1 day out of the entire month! Talk about exhausted and a little stressed! In March, I chose to only work my full time job and did not pick up any hours at my part time job. I needed my weekends! (except the ones I had class, of course)

4. I was BURNED OUT. Not only from work/school/life, but from coupons as well. I needed that few months break! Now I can get back into it and restock🙂 Coupon burn out happens to most people! Don’t worry, it’s normal😉


Let’s see, some other things that have happened:

We had my sister’s wedding shower! That was fun! They received a ton of gifts and although they gave us NO direction for what they wanted decoration wise, we threw it together pretty quickly (thanks to Pinterest) and it turned out nice!

Bridal Party from left: Sam, Kelly (Me), Alyssa (Bride), Jamie, Casey, Candace

Bridal Party from left: Sam, Kelly (Me), Alyssa (Bride), Jamie, Casey, Candace

My sister and I

My sister and I


I got my second tattoo…..



My brother in law’s (soon to be) job moved down to South Carolina so him and my sister took the opportunity and moved with them! Nick, Alyssa, my mom, my brother and I drove down to SC on March 13th to move them into their new apartment! It was beautiful down there. I’m so jealous!!! My sister had to come back to NY to finish her Bachelors (she’ll graduate in May) so I know she is hating life when she sees this (today’s weather). She will move down officially the day after she graduates…If life goes the way I want it to, I will be joining them next summer 2015!



I cannot make any promises to post every day, although I HOPE to now that the weather seems to be getting nicer and I want to blog again! Here is my life update🙂


The blog also celebrated it’s 4th birthday in February! Check out the VERY first post here (haha very boring, sorry)….



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